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By: Shepard Fairey

By: Shepard Fairey

Poem by Arthur C. Garcia

A poem for Trayvon Martin and family

You have killed my boy and now you lie to the world,
what kind of man hides behind a gun
for now your soul is in peril;
Trayvon had a future a whole life to live,
now you look at people what that glassy look in your eyes
and now tell more fibs.

God is now watching and now you are in the corner
and everyone is pointing their finger and looking toward your way,
one day your body will fall down on the ground and will be buried beneath the waves;
I will always remember Trayvon’s smile, his good heart but now he is in spirit form and invisible and I won’t be able to see him in awhile;
One day I will depart toward Heaven’s gate and I will be there for him, I will embrace and kiss his cheek but that will be later-
for now our family life together has been shattered and our out look is pretty grim.

One day on my fence I will see a pretty white dove,
for it will be God’s loving presence and I will journey with Jesus up above;
I will ask “Dear Lord why did my son have to die”?
because when I was on earth the winds took him away
and all I could do was cry”!
Jesus will look into my eyes and say “My dear child please do not remember his death, for on my right side he is still standing with me and his radiant smile so tall”-
“get on your knees with me now, so that another child on the earth with our prayers and help will no longer fall”!

The Devil does evil things to hurt, maime and kill;
He likes to sit in the audience like he is watching a movie
waiting for more thrills;
He wants us to riot to hurt people and on the streets spill their blood, he wants our souls to replenish Hell like a mighty flood-
“But now I place my hand with yours and give you back your son, because your new life here has only just begun;
“Zimmerman’s day of reconning will soon arrive and he will be judged”! and he will never make it to the Pearly gates,
or make it up above”!

I dedicate this poem to the Trayvon Martin and his family
-Arthur C. Garcia 4/11/2012

By: Justin Nether
Baltimore, MD

By: Justin Nether

Baltimore, MD